Our First E-Newsletter

The International Association of Voice Stress Analysts, Inc. has been providing professional voice stress training since 1995. We offer a Basic Examiner’s Course for new examiners; a Recertification Class for existing examiners; and, Continuing Education classes for examiners and non-examiners from member agencies.

We are currently working on numerous classes in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida and Missouri. Those training classes will be posted to our website in the near future. They will also be mentioned in future newsletters.


We find that examiners occasionally are promoted, retire, or for whatever reason can not continue providing voice stress examinations for their department. As a cost saving measure for our member agencies we have decided to allow the new replacement examiner to assume the membership status without any additional cost to the department. Membership renewal would not be necessary until the previous examiner’s expiration date. The only thing we would need would be the cancellation notice of the existing member and the re placement examiner’s information for our records.


The IAVSA has been asked for years by our attending examiners if it was possible to reduce the number of days allotted for voice stress training. Initially, we began with the CVSA® Analog instrument which needed 6 days to train a new examiner. Following the analog system was the computer laptop, but that system had a significant number of steps that each examiner had to learn and gain expertise before he/she was capable of performing a successful examination. The number of days of training was then reduced to five for new examiners.

A recertification class has always been a 3-day course; but, initially, we added two days of police related training. During this 5-day class the attendees, in addition to voice stress training, received training on interview & interrogation techniques from Glenn Foster; guest speakers on pre-employment and a variety of other police related topics.

Now is the time! We have been able to reduce the number of days for our recertification class from a 3-day class to 2 days. We have been able to update our power point training program, and with the advent of newer technology from the Vipre Systems and CVSA II ® instruments, we found that 2 days was sufficient for a recertification class.

GAfter extensive study we found that we could not reduce the length of the Basic Examiners Course and still provide the necessary training and operation of the voice stress instrument to new examiners. So, at this time the Basic Class will remain a 5-day Course.

What does all of this mean to those that need to attend the recertification class? The department will have their employee for an extra day at their workplace; the hotel cost will be reduced by a day; the examiner’s per diem will be reduced; and, the examiner will have one day less in class. While we are hopeful the recertification class is a good refresher course and allows examiners to stay up-to-date on methods and changes, as well as, socialize and learning from their peers during breaks and off-time, it will be one day less they have to sit in class.


The IAVSA is a 501c3 non-profit, volunteer organization. The entire Board of Directors is and has always been comprised solely of current and retired policemen. We are also voice stress examiners and attend classes. We also must be recertified and take the same examination as other examiners. Our board members range between Detective and Chief of Police, and a Chief Deputy. We currently have 4 Chiefs of Police on our Board.

With the hundreds of years of police experience on our Board, as well as the experience of actually running a division or an entire police department, we can relate to what law enforcement problems and needs are. That is why we keep our prices so low, and do whatever we can to help departments. We understand that often when the budget is an issue, training and membership is the first thing to be considered a luxury. So, we’ve kept our prices reduced and now our number of days reduced to allow departments to send more people, if need be, without spending more money.

For further information about the IAVSA or our training classes please visit our website at www.iavsa.com or call our office at 419.229.2872.

If you are not a current member please go to our website and click on the membership application. It is an interactive site and will allow you to submit your application and make payment via credit card, if you want. There are also other methods of payment or you may request an invoice.

The IAVSA Board
P.O. Box 357
Lima, OH 45802