Q.  What is the IAVSA?

      The IAVSA is an acronym for the International Association of Voice Stress Analysts, Inc.  Our primary purpose  is to provide professional voice stress training to law enforcement agencies and some private entities. 

The IAVSA has provided professional training since 1995.  We provided nearly, if not all, of the Recertification training for NITV, the manufacturer of the CVSA(r) since circa 2006.  We've continued to provide the same quality training throughout the years.


Q.  What is the cost of your training?

      COMPARE  OUR  RATES!  Since we are a 501C3 Non-Profit organization, we offer classes at a significant savings to agencies & attendees. 

Compare our Basic Examiners Course (5 Days) for only $595.00 to another class that costs $1,295.00.  Our Recertification Class is only $225.00 for a 2-Day course, compared to another class that costs $395.00 for a 3-Day course.  Huge savings for departments. One day less for manpower; and, one day less for hotel and per diem expenses.


Q.  Ive heard from another company that only the manufacturer of a voice stress instrument can Certify and/or Recertify examiners.  What is your position on that?

     Thanks for asking and allowing us to clear up this fallacy.  As mentioned, we have provided professional training since 1995.  For approximately 11 years we provided the Recertification training for NITV and CVSA(r) users. At that time, the manufacturer of the CVSA(r), NITV, provided classes for the new examiners and a class in Florida.  Approximately 2006, we began Certifying examiners on both the CVSA(r) instrument and the Vipre Systems instrument.  Our instructors are well-trained and are competent examiners of both instruments.  They undergo an approximate 18 month training with an experienced & approved instructor before we allow them to instruct. 

As for the ability to conduct training, just look at all the police equipment manufacturers that involve 3rd party trainers.  There is very little police equipment that involves manufacturer training; i.e., police weapon certification, baton training, combat shooting, vehicle driving courses, breathalyzer, use of force tactics, etc.  It is clear that most manufacturers prefer training to be done by a non-affiliated 3rd party.  So, don't be fooled by rhetoric about a manufacturer having the sole jurisdiction to train on a particular product because it happens everyday.


Q.  Does the IAVSA sell voice stress instruments?

     No, we do not sell or provide an instrument for our attendees. We only provide training for IAVSA approved instruments.   The instruments we have approved are the CVSA (r) and the Vipre Systems Technology.


Q.  Does the IAVSA provide software updates to my voice stress instrument when attending your class?

     No, we only provide professional training.  Software updates and enhancements are provided by the respective VSA manufacturers.


Q.  Can you tell me what the difference is between the Basic Examiners Course and the Recertification Class?

   The Basic Examiners Course is for new examiners.  They learn how to operate the instrument, formulate questions, interpret patterns & charts, learn to combine good interview & interrogation techniques with the use of the voice stress instrumeny and the examiner's final analysis of the patterns.    

 The Recertification Class is comprised of existing examiners that have already completed the Basic class.  The purpose of the Recertification is multifaceted:  It allows examiners to stay on the same page as other examiners, to learn of any changes in administrng examinations, and to provide a degree of professionism when professing your skills to the the Court or examinees.  Without continuing education it is very easy to develop bad habits that the examiner may not realize.  The outcome could be bad and incorrect calls may be a result.


Q.  How do I join the IAVSA?

     It is simple. You must be a voice stress examiner and utilize one of the IAVSA approved instruments.   Click on the "Membership Application and submit the completed interactive form.   When we initially started to provide training we developed a membership program and worked with NITV to only provide training to our members.  We still uphold that agreement.